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Below are US Black Belt's special TaeKwonDo teams that endure special training in order to learn a variety of new skills that can only be mastered by more experienced and advanced TaeKwonDo students.

Black Belt/Instructor Club

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The First Degree black belt is the student's first big objective, and students will be able to receive a vast amount of confidence from training hard for their black belts. 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belts are known as Junior Instructors, 3rd degrees are Instructors, and students 4th degree and up are known as Masters. These students must receive strong physical conditioning, and as they come to lower belt classes as staff members, they undergo leadership training as well. Black Belts receive their certificates from the World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters (Kukkiwon). The Black Belt Club and Instructors Club Programs aid in the success of the students' goals and we offer them special care in order to guide them in this ever longing success.

Olympic Sparring Classes

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We teach our students TaeKwonDo sparring techniques according to the current Olympic rules. In addition, Olympic sparring for students yellow belt and up should only be practiced under a master or instructor's supervision and with the proper safety equipment. It combines attack and defensive movements developed though forms and fundamental exercises and allow the students to defend themselves against one or more attackers if the situation calls for it. Stamina, confidence, and courage are among the many aspects that will be developed though TaeKwonDo sparring.


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In order to become a member of the SWAT Demonstration Team, a student must pass a special test. To pass the test, good skills are very important, yet class attendance and determination with lots of effort are an even more crucial part in passing the test. Our SWAT Team performs at "Township Days" and many more events such as Belt Tests, Talent Shows, and parties. Members of the SWAT Team will benefit from popularity and self-confidence. U.S. Black Belt is very proud of the SWAT Team.