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Special Events

Our school has many events to get the whole family involved. We are a close-knit community and like to have fun! Join us now to get involved in all of our diverse, exciting activities and events! See below for the ones coming soon, and read about all the events we offer below that.

Annual TKD BBQ Parties

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Traditional Korean BBQ foods are served to all of our US Black Belt TaeKwonDo Family members while special family games and activities are held throughout this great, exciting experience. Our annual BBQ parties are fun for both the kids and the parents! Students can bring as many family members and friends as they want to enjoy engaging in fun activities while tasting delicious, traditional Korean cuisine.

Belt Tests

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Our US Black Belt Students are required to take belt tests every 3 months in order to evaluate their skills and see if they are capable of achieving the next belt rank in our curriculum. Belt tests require our students to memorize traditional TaeKwonDo forms, demonstrate their kicking techniques, break wooden boards using specific TaeKwonDo skills, spar against each other, and more.


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US Black Belt attends several events each year to showcase the amazing TaeKwonDo talent that our martial arts school possesses. Our students practice hard in order to show their skills, and our Masters and Instructors demonstrate their amazing abilities at these demonstrations. Our performances incorporate TaeKwonDo forms, choreographed TaeKwonDo movements, self defence, board breaking, and more!


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US Black Belt students are chosen to go to several competitions each year. Only students that have demonstrated great skills and have practiced hard may participate at TaeKwonDo competitions. Students must showcase their traditional forms, breaking techniques, and/or sparring abilities in order to win placing medals at the competitions. Our school has been awarded as "The Best School" in numerous competitions, and we know our students will continue to bring home more medals in the future.

Other Events

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We also provide plenty of other events, and are always looking for more to do, including Movie Nights, Birthday Parties, Talent Shows, Overnight Training, and TaeKwonDo Seminars.